Nitrile / PVC Sheet

RH Nuttall is a leading distributor of quality PVC sheet, PVC sheeting and nitrile sheet both in the UK and internationally.

RH Nuttall are commonly a first choice for many businesses looking for nitrile sheet and PVC sheet as we can often turn around orders quickly as we keep substantial stocks of PVC sheet and nitrile sheet base material in stock.

Our nitrile Sheet is recommended for applications requiring sealing of fluids, oils and fuels within the automotive industry.

Why choose RH Nuttall for your nitrile sheet?

  • Excellent resistance to petroleum, oils and acids – nitrile sheet from RH Nuttall benefits from strong resistance to a range of liquids including petroleum, aromatic hydrocarbons, mineral oils and many more.
  • Fantastic abrasion resistance – RH Nuttall’s nitrile is resistant to abrasion and is therefore ideal for hardwearing of friction heavy applications.
  • Impermeable to a range of gasses – Our nitrile is impermeable to a range of gasses ensuring superior leak prevention of both liquids and many gasses
  • British Standard nitrile sheet available – RH Nuttall can provide you with British Standard BS2751 spec nitrile sheet; Suitable for any applications that require it

Working/Operating Temperature Range

Minimum (°C) -20
Maximum (°C) +80

General Property/Application Guide

Petrol Strong
Lubricating Oils Strong
Acid Strong
Alkali Moderate
Abrasion Resistance Strong
Tear Strength Strong
Shock Resistance Moderate
Impermeable to Gas Strong
Compression Set Strong
PROPERTIES – Dependant on Grade
Hardness (IRHD) 50 > 80
Tensile Strength (MPa) 4 > 15

PVC sheet products available

RH Nuttall manufactures a range of complimentary products made from our quality PVC sheet including PVC washers, PVC strip, PVC gaskets, PVC seals and more.

Nitrile sheet products available

RH Nuttall also manufacture a range of components and products from quality nitrile sheet base material including nitrile washers, nitrile gaskets, nitrile strips and nitrile seals.

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